Sunday, July 22, 2012

I am baaaack!

Imbarak 3laikum ilshahar! :*

Just came back from Thailand 3 days ago. A day before Ramadan<3

Thailand was AMAZING. I travelled to Malaysia and then from Malaysia, I went to Chiangmai.

Malaysia was good . But all I saw was Saudis! SO MANY Saudis! Not saying that it's wrong but  I didn't expect to see THAT much.

Thailand was better for me<3 More Kuwaitis haha, jk, I love Thailand. I met 2 Thai friends there! and had an amazing time with my family.

My bag was the only bag that weighed over 35kg. Whoops.

I will post and review stuff I bought from Malaysia and Thailand soon!

Ramadan Kareem and don't eat too much sweets! :p

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