Monday, June 25, 2012

Hair conditioning

I've been having this weird obsession of taking care of my hair since summer started.

I don't really know why but mehh, that's good right?

My hair tends to be really dry and I've noticed that it's been falling A LOT ( that's bad at the age of 15 right? )

So anyways, I've been taking care of it (conditioning it, moisturizing it etc) for almost a month now, and I've noticed it's a lot better than before, al7emdellah. 

I've been using the seaweed shampoo and conditioner from Boots ( it's only 1KD, isn't that great?!)
 I also use Pantene's 12h NIGHT therapy before I go to sleep.
I love the smell, and it feels GREAAT!

When I wake up,  I moisturize my hair with The Body shop's Grape-seed glossing serum
I use The Body shop's Macadamia straightening balm when I straighten my hair ( which I rarely do)
I also try not to wash my hair a lot. Like, I usually wash my hair everyday or whenever I exercise. But now, I'd shower like, uhhh, let me explain XD, ya3ni, if I shower on Sunday, I won't shower on Monday but on Tuesday. Get it? I just wash my body everyday though.

I hope that helped you. Please take care of your hair!

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