Sunday, September 30, 2012

I'm a ghost of a girl that I want to be most.

It's me againn. Yeah, woohoo.

Today's topic is about Self Confidence. LOL have you noticed how all my posts are about Self confidence and perfection shit?

I try to work on my self confidence. Walla. Bs it's not working. Shasawi ya3ni.

Yes, sometimes I feel like I'm pretty, bs am I pretty enough?

Don't think ina I'm like Ugly Betty ( She's not that ugly 9a7?) bs anyways, I just don't see it. People come and tell me that I'm beautiful, that I look like a Brazilian ( lol Zanoob), a tumblr girl, and all that stuff. Bs why don't I see it?

Lama someone says " sh7alatich!" I'm like " akeed they feel sorry for me. " " You're so pretty!'  Lair. "I love your smile." No you don't. 

I just don't know what to do. And that really hurts. I may smile and laugh, bs do you see the inside? I'm torn apart.

I'm not like those " tanned, long wavy hair" girls.

I'm not fishing for compliments walla. I'm not an attention seeker.

I just wanna wake up someday feeling that I'm beautiful. And to me, that's rare.

Yes, it's a big issue to me. O madri shlon I'll fix it.

This issue makes me so sensitive. You know what? I could tell you that tears are forming right now. Oh right there, one is falling down. ( Yes, I'm crazy. Kaifi.)

I wonder when I'll have that self confidence. When I'll tell people that Yes, thank you, I am beautiful.

Laih meta ya 7e9a?

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