Monday, April 9, 2012

Harry Potter

I must say, Harry Potter changed my life - and I'm not even kidding. 
If I haven't read Harry Potter, I wouldn't have been in a 1st Set in English class. ( I do admit though, my vocabulary isn't that great.)
A friend suggested I read Harry Potter to improve my English vocabulary. I didn't really read the books  - but I did watch the movies. 
If people really gave Harry Potter a chance, they'd see how amazing it is. Harry Potter lets us escape into this whole new world filled with spells & magic. I admit that I did wish that I'd get my acceptance letter someday..even now. Bleh. My owl got lost I guess. Harry Potter gives you hope and encourages you not to be afraid to let your imagination go wild.
I thought I'd never touch a book in my life. But then Harry Potter changed everything. As soon as I finished the first book,  I was eager to start the other. I would stay to read 2 hours - or even more in 1 day. I got to the limit when even my mum, my mum who always encouraged me to read, to tell me to stop reading. That's when I got into the habit of reading. I began taking interest in other books, and then became an avid reader. And I swear, I don't regret that day I picked up the book. Reading was a chore for me. But now, it's part of my life. 
If you have not read Harry Potter, I suggest you get dressed up now...if you're not busy. And go get the first book. If you've watched the movie, and it was amazing, then the book can't be defined.

Read Harry Potter, and find your inner wizard.

I'd rate Harry Potter: 100/100.

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