Monday, April 23, 2012

Learning Korean because of Kpop?

I have a my own book where I wrote all of the Korean alphabet, vowels, sentences and etc. When people see me practicing Korean so seriously, they would be like, " Oh it's the new " 7abba" "Kpop" "

Tbh, that kinda got me mad. It's true, and I admit, that I got so attached to the Korean culture because of the music -  I won't in any way, deny that. But, when Kpop entered my life, I got to see the beauty of the Korean language, and that also introduced me to the Korean culture. I got immersed in the culture and the beauty of the language, the amount of respect, the etiquette; everything. And that was three years ago.

I would dedicate all my nights just to learn the alphabet ( proud to say I'm almost there) I am determined to learn Korean, and I won't stop. I mean, to me, it's one of the most beautiful languages out there. And you might think I'm exaggerating, but to me, I'm not.

I would wish that I would understand what my friends are saying when they talk in Korean, when I watch something, I would like to watch it without subtitles.

I'm also learning Korean because I want to be a linguist. So, Korean won't be the only language I will be learning. It's just that, I'm more interested in Korean. I would learn Japanese but it's too hard for me at the moment due to school work whereas Korean is much easier.

Yes, I'm going to learn 3 or maybe 4 languages, inshallah.

But, I would hope that people would stop telling me that those I like those Koreans for the music only. No. I have Korean friends, and I love them but not just for their music. Their personality is as nice as anyone else. Heck, even if they weren't Korean I'd still love them.

I am not learning Korean just because of Kpop.

But I do, still love kpop. 

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