Saturday, April 28, 2012

I bet almost all Kuwaitis watched this show 2 days ago. Well if you didn't, I'll give you a brief explanation.
 Mr. Abdulla Al Muthafer(correct spelling?) moved to Japan 25 years ago to marry a a beautiful Japanese women (Miyuki aka. Ameena) where they had 3 children, Sarah, Yousef(Yuu) and Kathem(Kazem).

Mr Abdulla was discovered when the tragic tsunami occured last year, March 31st.
Now, I am really happy that they interviewed him. Knt wayed mndamja o I didn't miss any moment of it. Mr Abdulla showed the Kuwaitis the beauty of Japan, the respect, and the kindness they had. Which made me love the Japan society even more.

What I thought was ridiculous was some questions Mr. Khalid asked. And to be honest, he was kind of rude also. I don't even know how Mr.Abdulla kept his temper, but I'm glad he showed us some footages and explained how life is in Japan.

I wish I could meet them though. *keeps dreaming*

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