Friday, April 6, 2012

Language schools in Kuwait

I recently read on about opening language schools in Kuwait. i think that this would be a really good opportunity for people living in Kuwait,or even Kuwaitis (like me) to learn a desired language.

Personally, I have a passion for learning languages. Currently, I found myself being immersed and attached to Korean. I'm actually proud to say that I can read and understand a bit of the Korean writing.

What I really hope for is that foreign schools for languages would actually open here in Kuwait. I really want to learn Japamese. Korean and Mandarin...and maybe Thai.

I tried joining a course once in AUK (..I think, please correct me if I'm wrong.) but they said that I was too young, and that I had to be 15 or 16..( I was 14 at the time.) ..okay...I'm bring forgetful now. LOL.

But yeah, you get my point. Learning a second or third language would teach us new communicative skills, and also provide us with an enriching learning experience of culture and society.

Learning a new language would open many doors for you. I mean, its amazing guys. You'd be able to discover the beauty of the language as well us the culture. And I cant explain how I feel proud of myself when I actually understand a foreign language. There will come a time when I will watch Korean dramas without subtitles! kekeke.

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