Monday, April 9, 2012

Korean family

I have to blog about this no matter what. 
I just came back from my Korean friends' house. I had such an AMAZING time. 
Ok ok, lemme start at the beginning, I walked in to find house slippers in front of me. Like, Idk, it's not something big I know, but I just got happy. So yeah.
Next thing was, their mum welcomed me with a hug and a Korean snack ( yum!)
Then we kept watching Korean videos and stuff. When it was 6pm, they had dinner already.  I was like .___. 
Their dad came, and then 2 uncles. I was like " okayy...."
They all called me to eat dinner and I saw the typical Korean dinner which consisted of:
- Kimchi
-Kalbi- something.. ( meat)
- White rice ( in a small bowl! I found it cute haha)
- Korean spicy fish soup ( choked on it, but it was delicious. XD)
- Fried vegetables
- Ddoekbokki ( Korean rice cake which was DELICIOUS) 
 I was really shy. I couldn't I felt like I was an outsider..wait, I am lol. But at the same time I felt so happy. Idk. And they kept trying to ask me questions, and I would try to answer them back in Korean - which surprised them LOL ( OH YOU SPEAK KOREAN) 
They did love the cake I bought haha (THANK GOD.)
Then we went to sing at the noraebang ( Korean karoake). Which was so so much fun. We sang to Korean songs for 3 hours straight LOL
I called my mum early because I thought they'd sleep early, and I didn't want to stay late because it would be rude right ?
When the driver came, they were like  " OH WHY, My mum thought you will stay until 12!" 
I told them I didn't want to bother them haha.
After that, they gave me a present. Yes, a present. I was speechless LOL
I'm so keeping the bag LOL

Pocky, Lotte pie, cookies and Korean sweets ( sweet red ginseng)

I thought that was so nice of them. 
Ahh, I'm just so happy.

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